Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Tuesday Tiyul to Me'ah She'arim

Each Tuesday, Jennifer and the boys and I have been going on tiyulim around the city.  So far, they've included the shuk at Machaneh Yehuda, a walking tour of Yemin Moshe, an afternoon at "Park HaMifletzet" (the Monstor Park - named for the 3 slides that come out of the "mouth" of a "monster"), and, this past Tuesday, Me'ah She'arim.  As we started off through the neighborhood, I pulled the older boys aside and told them that some people call this a "very religious neighborhood," because the people here dress differently.  "But do you know who else is very religious?" I asked them.

"Us?" they answered.

"Yes, we are.  We live in a very religious house," I explained, "but being religious doesn't mean that you have to dress differently than everyone else.  Abba and Ima think it's very important that Jews never forget who we are - and that means being different sometimes - but we also think it's very important that Jews participate in the world around us.  We think that's a really important part of being very religious."

Here is a link to the photo album on facebook

You should be able to access it.  Enjoy.

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  1. Rabbi,

    First, this has nothing to do with your post above (although I do wonder how/why you have so many b&w photos in the album).

    As part of the Beth EL Hanukkah bazaar a group of men take over the synagogue kitchen and mass produce latkes. Ron Grunwald has been organizing this for the last few years. Here is a link to pictures of our "handy" work. I'm sure you'll recognize quite few of us.

    Hal Sandick
    (Ritual Committee member)